My name is Ann Marie Huff but you can call me Annie.

I was born and raised in Waltham and received by bachelor’s degree in Economics/Finance from Bentley College.

I’ve always loved animals.   Growing up, my family’s pet was Freckles (can you guess we are Irish) – a wonderful Miniature Schnauzer.   After college, Athena and Contessa (two cats) shared my life for 17 and 15 years, respectively.     When my daughter was five Mike and Megen (two cats) joined our family.   A few years later, came the request for a dog.   On one of our many visits to Buddy Dog Humane Society, we met Tara (originally name Dipsy Doodle) – a Schnoodle.   It was fate.   About a year later, Brady (an Irish Setter mix) joined the household.   Prince Charming, our adorable Havanese, completes the family.   Over the course of time, we have raised “pocket pets” – hamsters (Teddy was an award winner – 1st Place in the ball race at Petco – twice!), bunnies, and guinea pigs.  We love them all!

For the past nine years, I’ve been fortunate enough to turn my love of animals into a job that I love.

I don’t even think of it as a job. I truly enjoy walking, feeding, brushing and playing with animals, even sleeping with them or giving them medication when necessary. It’s all part of providing dedicated, professional pet care services.

Getting to know your pet
Going above and beyond what is required is what makes Paws and Pillows special. Getting to know these furry friends is very important to me so I talk to the owners and carefully observe the pets, striving to maintain their routines, comfort levels and favorite activities. It usually doesn’t take too long to find out what really makes them happy.

Each pet is different and I provide very individualized care, doing my very best to make them comfortable and secure, whether it’s eating, sleeping, walking, playing, cuddling, brushing or getting treats. Sometimes it takes a little while for the pets to get used to me. That’s all part of the process. I never force attention on them.

You can be sure that your pets will be in good hands when I take care of them. I care for them as if they were my own, ensuring that they are happy, healthy and safe.

Contact me
If you have any questions about my pet care services, feel free to contact me at 617-413-9428 or

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